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Cooking Oil Refining

After getting of cooking oil of any oilseeds from the solvent extraction process, it sometimes needs to be refined in the oil refining plant to remove the FFA (Free Fatty Acids), color and odor of the cooking oils.

Our proprietary method of physically  cooking oil refining uses a carefully balanced mixture of temperature, pressure, time, and natural clays in order to maximize finished oil quality and yield.  We have discovered this process through exhaustive research and lab testing and finely tuned it to ensure the highest quality oils in the industry.


Cooking Oil Refining Technology

We classify it into Physical Refining & Chemical Refining according to different  cooking oil refining technology. Physical refining means removing gum in oil during process of degumming in special method and removing FFA in process of deodorizing by steam. Chemical refining, however, means removing FFA in a chemical way ( Acid-base neutralization). Gum and soap foot produced is separated by centrifuges.

Features of Physical Refining

  • High oil refining rate, less oil loss.
  • No waste water discharged.
  • More FFA distilled out.
  • Especially suitable for oils of high acid value, and low gum content

Features of Chemical Refining

  • Excellent adaptability and less requirement to oil quality.
  • The finished oil is consistent and stable.
  • Less bleaching earth is added into compared with physical refining.
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