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Vibrating Separator

The vibrating separator works by means of the meridional slinging of vibrating screens. It may be utilized for previously cleaned feedstock as well as for cleaning cereals and oilseeds. It is also suitable for pre-cleaning and cleaning in the foodstuffs, feed and chemical industries.

Features of the Oilseed Vibrating Separator

The vibrating separator is a key piece of equipment in the oil milling plant. It can be equipped with different sieves per processing requests and the features of the oilseeds. The oilseed vibrating separator consists of a feeding device, sieves, frame, drive system, discharge valve and vertical aspiration channel (selectable). Oilseeds are transported by a feeding device for even distribution on the sieve. The oilseeds pass through the first sieve and enter into the next, filtering out impurities in the process which are discharged from the upper output channel. Impurities smaller than oilseeds pass through the second sieve and are discharged at the lower output channel. Oilseeds processed by the second sieve are discharged at the rear of sieve before finally entering the vertical aspiration channel for further processing.

Oil Milling MachineryOil Milling Machinery

Vibrating Separator Technical Data

Type TQLE100×100 TQLE100×150 TQLE150×150 TQLE150×200
Sieve Size W×L(cm) 100×100 100×150 150×150 150×200
Capacity (t/d) Pre-cleaning 30 50 75 100
Cleaning 8 12 18 24
Sieve Inclination Pre-cleaning 6 9 9 12
Cleaning 6
Vibration Inclination Pre-cleaning 25
Cleaning 20
Vibration Amplitude(mm) 5~5.5
Matched Power (kw) 2×0.25 2×0.37 2×0.7 2×0.7
Motor Rotation (r/min) 920
Weight (kg) 420 520 630 650
Matched Aspiration Pressure(mmH2O) 50
Matched air Volume(m3/min) 52 80 110 135
Overall Dimensions L×W×H (mm) 1640×1610×1455 2140×1610×1455 2140×2160×1455 2640×2160×1455

With over ten years' experience in manufacturing, supplying and exporting complete oil mill plant and related oil mill equipment, we are your trusted oil mill machinery manufacturer in China. We supply quality oilseed vibrating separator. We are always at your service.

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