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Small Oil Mill Plant for Daily Requirement

As the increasing of the human economic life level, the demand for the edible oil is increasing day by day, and the competition becomes stronger. For reducing the oil cost, plenty of people begin to make their oil by themselves. Here is a small oil mill plant for meeting your daily requirement and catering to the regional market.
small oil mill plant

Small Oil Mill Plant Feature

Small oil mill plant is a small scale oil production line, also called mini oil mill plant, which connects a series of oil pressing machines to improve the production efficiency. The mini oil mill plant is simple and easy to operate, convenient to install and debug. It can produce oil from a variety of oilseeds, such as, peanut, castor, cotton, linseed, rape seed, sunflower, corn germ, palm kernel, soil bean, sesame, neem seed and copra etc. suitable for home use, small scale oil production line, small oil workshop, to satisfy your daily oil requirement and daily oil consumption of regional market.

Main Processing of Small Oil Mill Plant

Although the mini oil mill plant is small, the processing is complete, including oilseed pretreatment, pressing, extraction and refining these four processing.

Oilseed pretreatment
Pretreatment means the processing of removing the impurities from the oil materials in order that the oilseeds is able to be in the best condition before the extrusion processing, thus the most oil in the oil seeds can be pressed out. The general impurities offer to the organic impurities like cord, velveteen, chemical fiber etc. and the inorganic impurities like metal, soil and oil-bearing impurities. Common processing includes cleaning, decladding, crushing, softening, flaking, drying etc. The main equipment needed in this processing are the cleaning sieve, dehuller, crusher, steam stove, dryer etc. According to the different type of oilseeds, the pretreatment processing is not the same exactly. All these machines should be equipped by the oilseed condition that you want to make oil.

Oil pressing processing
Oil pressing is one traditional method for extracting the oil from the oilseed which has century history. Its main principle is mechanically extruding the oil from the oilseeds by physical pressure. The agglutinating oil exists in the gel beam channel of the cell, which can be pressed easily. The key equipment is the oil press, according to the working principle, the oil press can be divided into two types, the screw oil press and hydraulic oil press. The screw oil press is with simple structure, easy operation and low power consumption. And the hydraulic type can produce continually with high oil pressing efficiency.

Oil extraction processing
Oil extraction, is also called solvent leaching, the other method of making oil. This processing uses the solvent to soak or wash the oil-bearing material, making the oil in the oil cake extracted and dissolved into the solvent. Then, after filtering, the mixture of oil and solvent is obtained. The commonly used solvent is the No.6 extraction solvent oil and the commercial hexane. The necessary equipment is the extracting machine, including tank type extractor, rotocel extractor and circular towing chain extractor. Besides, the craft has two types, directly extraction and pre-pressing extraction.

Refining processing
Refining processing is the last processing of the mini oil mill plant, which including degumming, neutralization, bleaching and deodorization. The main related equipments are the decolorizing pot, deodorization tower, crystallization tower. After this processing, the edible oil is made perfectly.

Benefit of Small Oil Mill Plant

  • Economic benefit. The small oil mill plant makes the people from the rural regions produce their own oil with low cost and helps them to get more income by selling the seed cake.
  • The mini oil production line, equipped with small size related machines, is easy to install and operate, covering a small area.
  • This small scale oil mill plant can produce oil from plenty of oilseeds, such as castor,  cotton, groundnut, linseed/flaxseed, rape/canola/ mustard, tea seed, sesame, corn germ, sunflower, rice barn, palm kernel, copra, soybean etc.
  • Mini oil mill plant, with reasonable design, compact structure, beautiful layout, but requires small investment to be the preferred choice for the urban and rural modern oil production line.
  • The finished pure oil with high quality and light color, can be accepted by majority of people.

If you have any questions about the small oil production line, please contact us.
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