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Solvent Evaporator

The Solvent Evaporator is a subsequent piece of machinery for use in the solvent evaporation system of a solvent extraction plant. The solvent evaporator is used to separate solvent from the miscella. The tubes in the solvent evaporator are made of stainless steel, thus the material flows well through the tubes’ smooth surface conducive to heat-exchange, effectively improving heat-exchange efficiency and the usable life of the equipment. Using micro-vacuum evaporation technology in the solvent evaporation system not only saves on steam consumption but also improves the color and quality of the crude oil.

Features of the Solvent Evaporation

Solvent Evaporator
  • Evaporation within a vacuum for better oil quality.
  • Extraction system suitable for processing various raw materials.
  • Developed by BMC self, solvent recovery system from vent gas is highly absorbent.
  • Conserves energy and steam.

Solvent Evaporation System

  • Evaporation at negative pressure makes it possible to make use of residual heat from secondary steam. Waste steam supplemented to the steam ejector makes it unnecessary to supplement fresh steam to the 1-stage evaporator. Steam is saved by 30%;
  • Miscella coming from the 1-stage solvent evaporator is heated by high temperature oil coming from oil stripper. This significantly increases the temperature of the miscella going to the 2-stage solvent evaporator and reduces energy consumption;
  • The miscella evaporates at low temperature. Residual solvent is less in the light colored crude oil. It is not easy to scale in the solvent evaporators and oil stripper;
  • Stainless steel multi-tube condensers generate greater solvent recovery and save on space, all of which in turn lower the cost of production and the initial investment;
  • The vapor contactor has reduced the load of the DT condenser and increased the temperature of both the fresh solvent and waste water discharged from the solvent –water separator;
  • The boiler tank minimizes solvent residue in waste water.

Please feel free to email us anytime you are intereted in solvent evaporation, we are always ready to serve you!

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