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Edible Vegetable Oils are Essential to Human Diet

Edible vegetable oils play a vital role in the human body and become one of the most important energy sources to maintain the balance of lipids, cholesterol and lipoproteins in blood vessels. Vegetable oils also provide vitamins A, D, E, and K as well as essential oils that our body cannot produce. In addition, they can enhance most of the characteristic features in food such as flavor, aroma and texture.

Throughout history, mankind has come up with a variety of ways to find more and better oilseeds. Broadly speaking, it can be stated that the utilization of this energy source became very efficient after the advent of agriculture, around 4000-7000 years ago, in five centers of origin: olive, rapeseed, and flax in the Mediterranean basin; corn, avocado, cotton, sunflower, and cocoa bean in America; safflower in Asia; soybean and sesame in China; and coconut and palm in India and Africa.

Around 4000 years ago in India, Turkey and Egypt, humans discovered how to extract the liquid oil out of fruits and oilseeds when husking systems were invented and special stones were manufactured in order to grind and mill seeds..

An intense trading of oilseed plants from America began in the 16th century, while new oil extraction and refining techniques and applications were discovered. But it was not until the 19th century that the vegetable oil, fat and protein industry was able to produce better oil thanks to the enhancement of plant hybridization processes, agriculture techniques and extraction and refining technologies. All these improvements allowed for better efficiency in the extraction of oil and the diversification of its uses and applications. During the 20th century, global oilseed trade was intensified and diversified, sparking off a revolution in food habits.

Nowadays, cooking oils are used to prepare a wide range of aromatic, tasty and nourishing foodstuff, including a great variety of liquid oils used for seasoning and dressing, fried food, vegetable lards for bread and pastry making, canned food, etc.

We can provide you with the best edible oil extraction and refining machinery according to your requirements. Let KMEC help in your efforts to produce high quality pure vegetable oil!
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