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Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Plant

We are your reliable manufacturer and supplier of rice bran solvent extraction plant  in China. We offer profesional rice bran solvent extraction technology and most competitive prices!

Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Plant

Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Plant

The rice bran solvent extraction plant starts with raw material preparation. Rice bran is first screened. It is then heated by steam at temperature higher than 100 degrees Celsius to stop Lipase hydrolysis in rice bran prior to extraction.

Advanced extracting technology and techniques were developed with technical assistance from German and Belgian engineers in order to come up with Crude Rice Bran Oil that is high in Vitamin E and Oryzanol. The Crude Rice Bran Oil is forwarded to the refining process for purifying and packing.

The advanced refinery technologies from Germany and Belgium have been used at the refining process. Every production process is closely monitored resulting in high Oryzanol Rice Bran Oil that is suitable for healthy cooking as well as cosmetics and spa products.The result is a high quality and safe rice bran oil.

Rice bran oil is the only cereal oil that is produced in large quantity. During rice milling, the bran is obtained and the bran has an oil content of 18-20%.

Rice bran oil can easily be obtained in direct solvent extraction of the rice bran. But due to the powdery nature of the rice bran, rice bran oil production  requires a preparation before extraction to ensure a good percolation of the solvent. Refined Rice Bran oil is also known as heart oil since it has good oryzanol content and is mainly used as cooking oil.The extracted meal is used as fish feed and can be mixed with other feeds for animal and poultry feed.

Anytime you are interested in rice bran solvent extraction plant, contact us for more detailed information! We are always at your service!

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