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Sal Seed Solvent Extraction Plant

Sal seed is one of the important products that obtained from Sal (Shorea – Robursta) tree, which is predominantly available in Orissa. Sal seed meal (SSM) is one of the by-products of the sal seed solvent extraction plant.

Sal seed oil is greenish white to whitish in colour. The oil is used locally for cooking and lighting and is said to be employed for adulterating ghee. It is suitable for soap making after blending with other softer oils. It is also suitable as a substitute for coco butter in the manufacture of chocolates. The dry matter of sal seeds contains 10–16% fat, 6–9% crude protein and 7–12% tannins. Fat extraction lowers the ether extract content of SSM to 4–8%.


Sal Seed Solvent Extraction Plant 

The sal seed has about 12%-14% oil which is extracted. the protein content are low in Sal seed extraction at 9%-10%, but it has good levels of lysine and imthionine in its essential amino acid profile. Sal seed extraction contains 6%-10% trannin and it is grouped amongst starchy feed, as its carbohydrate content is about 70% that contributes to the feed energy.

The sal seed extraction can be beneficially used to decrease the ruminal degradation of other proteins is the compound feed in order to increase their biological value for ruminants and is preferred for use in cow feed.

The extraction is low cost material and is abundantly available. it is generally used as livestock feed ingredient for dairy cattle and poultry in India and foreign countries to prepare formulated feed.

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