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Soybean Oil Extraction

Soybean Oil Extraction

Commercial soybean oil extraction is a complex process. The traditional method for soybean oil extraction was a mechanical process using hydraulic presses.  Because it was expensive and produced lower yields, the mechanical production process has given way to production by means of extraction with solvents.

Soybeans owe their dominance of the oilseed market to the value of their protein, Of the money made on extracting soybeans, the meal accounted for between51% and 76% of the total in the last 10 years. Soybean oil of typical composition performs well as a salad oil, but it is usually hydrogenated for use as a margarine stock or frying oil.

Soybean Oil Extraction Workshop

soybean oil extraction

Soybean Oil Extraction Process

The extraction of soybean oil from soybean flakes in soybean oil plant industry requires large amounts of hexane solvent and results in significant losses and energy consumption during the distillative removal of the solvent. Hexanes and related hydrocarbon extractants are also becoming an environmental and health concern. A new method for soybean oil extraction of the oil is sought, that would require neither hexane nor distillative removal of solvent. This article presents a preliminary assessment of several new methods for soybean oil extraction and subsequent solvent removal from the oil. The most promising are extraction by an amidine switchable solvent that can then be removed from the soy oil by carbonated water and extraction by a moderately hydrophilic solvent that can then be removed from the oil by water.

Feel free to send email to us to get further infomation about soybean oil extraction. If you only want to invest a little sum of money, you can choose to start a small scale soybean oil extraction unit first. We are always at your service!


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