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grape seed oil recovery plant

Grape seed oil is an oil extracted from the seeds of the grapes. There are a number of various types of seeds from which grape seed oil can be produced. The seeds are either processed mechanically or treated with chemicals to extract the oil.

Grape Seed Oil Recovery Plant

Grape seed oil recovery plant is designed to extract oil from grae seed. Generally speaking there are usually two popuolar ways to process this type of oil, one is mechanical method using oil expellers, the other is chemical method using solvent - hexane.

grape seed oil recovery plant

Natural versions of the oil use the mechanical method in the grape seed oil recovery plant, although there is no scientific evidence for any of dangers associated with chemical processing. An expeller press uses a mechanical crushing process to extract oil from grape seeds. This is used as an alternative to hexane extraction by companies who advertise their products as being natural and processed without chemicals. The disadvantage is that, while hexane extraction yields 95 percent of the seed's total oil content, expelling only produces 75 percent. Expelling also generates a great deal of heat due to friction, which can damage some of the properties of the oil. This leads to some companies introducing cooling systems to their presses, which increases costs further.

Another method of the grape seed oil recovery plant is chemical method. Hexane extraction involves treating the grape seeds with hexane to extract the oils. The grape seeds dissolve separating the oil from other components of the seed in a solution. The solution is heated slowly in a fractional distillation chamber. As hexane has a very low boiling point - only about 152 degrees Fahrenheit - this component of the solution boils first and turns to vapor. This vapor rises in the chamber and is condensed and siphoned off, leaving only the oil and residue of the grape seeds. These are separated by sieving the mixture.

Anytime you feel interest in start a grape seed oil recovery plant, please e-mail us immediately. We are always at your service!

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