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manufacturing process of rice bran oil

Manufacturing process of rice bran oil contains a series oil processing stages, among them the process of solvent extraction and oil refining are the most two inportant ones.

Manufacturing Process of Rice Bran Oil

Manufacturing Process of Rice Bran Oil - Oil Extraction

The extraction process starts with raw material preparation, rice bran is first screened. It is then heated by steam at temperature higher than 100 degrees Celsius to stop Lipase hydrolysis in rice bran prior to extraction.

Advanced manufacturing process and techniques of rice bran oil were developed with technical assistance from German and Belgian engineers in order to come up with Crude Rice Bran Oil that is high in Vitamin E and Oryzanol. The crude rice bran oil is forwarded to the refining process for purifying and packing.

Manufacturing Process of Rice Bran Oil - Oil refining

The advanced refinery technologies from Germany and Belgium have been used at the refining process. Every process is closely monitored resulting in High Oryzanol Rice Bran Oil that is suitable for healthy cooking as well as cosmetics and spa products.

To obtain high quality refined rice bran oil, the refining process begins by reducing excess free fatty acid and then decreasing the colour with activated clay. After decreasing colour, the oil is forwarded to the crystallization process before filtering the wax through a filter press machine. The next process is to remove odor by using high pressure steam deodorizer at a temperature of 230-240 degrees Celcius. The heating medium used in this process is high pressure steam. No thermal oil or PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) is involved in the production process. The result is high quality and safe rice bran oil.

The main features of manufacturing process of rice bran oil are high safety standards and optimal extraction yields, energy saving and effective solvent recycling. Never hesitate to writing us in you feel interest!

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