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oil production plant

We are one of the world leaders of manufacturing, supplying, exporting various oil production plants for all types of oilseeds. Our oil production plant is designed according to our clients' demand.

Oil Production Process

Oil Production Plant

In the entire oil production plant, there are a series oil processing steps, from seed cleaning to oil refining, below are the most important procedures:

Seed Preparation: heating, dehulling, and chopping or grinding, in this sequence only. The processes of chopping or grinding is done to break the walls of the cells and make the oil free for easy penetration of solvents into the cells. For this purpose, rolling or flaking is also used but these processes are not enough to get the desired results. Hence, an extra step of thermal or conditioning is required.

Oil Milling: The next step of oil production plant is the extraction from seeds. The main objective of this step is to develop a clean crude oil product. The extraction is done by mechanically pressing or by mixing with different gasoline-like solvents like heptane and hexane. As oil is highly flammable, so the process of chemical extraction is not recommended. Oil, which is designated for further refining passes through additional processing procedures. Here the mashing and cooking (up to 2 hours) processes take place. The cooking time completely depends on the type of seeds being used.

Solvent Extraction: After this, the mechanically pressed seeds go through extra heating in the "auger" process. In this process, the average temperature is around 120°C (248°F) and the higher valves of temperatures & pressures produces more oil. However, at the previously mentioned temperature, the oil has additional 100 timer faster reaction rate with oxygen more than 100 times faster, as compared to that at room temperature. There have been some cases, in which the oil acquired after mechanical pressing is filtered and sold as an unrefined oil. But in larger number of cases, the oil further undergoes the refining process. After this, the next steps of oil processing are: Degumming, Bleaching, Deoderization, Hydrogenation (optional).

Best Service, High Quality, Competitive price, Timely delivery is our philosophy, we are to fully cooperate on the basis of equality and mutual benefit with partners from abroad. We hope sincerely we become your chinese supplier and parterner. Write to us today to know more about our oil production plant.

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