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palm oil processing plant

Qualified palm oil  can be get from our advanced palm oil processing plant. We provide the best palm oil processing plant in a competitive price with the new technology which applied in our palm oil processing machinery. We are a company which has more than ten years experience in dealing the oil processing business. Our high-end palm oil process can make your palm oil mill output a great raise within one month. We are your best palm oil processing plant suppplier in China.
flowchart of palm oil refinery
Flowchart of Palm Oil Refinery
Pressing Process
The fruits are conveyed to a digester which presses the fruitlets so that when the mash is pressed in a screw press the oil is extracted efficiently in pressing section. The output from the screw press is crude palm oil and press cake. The extracted oil is mixed with fruit particles, water, sand and dirt. The press cake consists of palm fibre and nuts.The press cake is then transferred to the solvent extraction plant for further processing. The crude oil is first screened with a vibrating screen to remove the course fibres and other dirt and it is then pumped to the clarification station for further processing.
palm oil  processing workshoppalm oil pressing line
Palm Oil Pressing Line
Refinery Process
The oil is pumped to a heated vertical tank where the separation of oil from the sludge (mixture of water and dirt) takes place by gravity. The oil is skimmed from the top and the remaining dirt removed in a purifier. The heated clean oil is the passed to a vacuum chamber for the removal of the remaining moisture. The oil is the pumped to storage tanks for sale as crude palm oil.
palm oil refinery plant palm oil refinery line
Palm Oil Refinery Plant
Solvent Extraction Process
The press cake is conveyed in a conveyor that assists the pressing of the cake to a depericarper. The depericarper is a tank that with a strong suction. The solvent removes the fibres and transports them to a solvent extraction plant. The fibre from the depericarper is sent to the waste despoing machinery.The waste can be used as the feed to animal or the fuel. The oil being extracted form the press cake  which will be collected in a tank to be further process .
solvent extraction plant for palm oil processing plant  solvent extraction process
Solvent Extraction Line for Palm Oil Processing Plant
Effluent Treatment Process
The palm oil process uses water to separate the oil from sludge and solids in a tank. After the removal of oil, the waste water (effluent) is discharged from the mill. This effluent contains particles of vegetable matter and needs to be treated before discharge to the environment. The effluent needs to be treated because the vegetable matter in the liquid will decompose and during the decomposition process, the vegetable matter will use oxygen in the water. Therefore before the discharge of the effluent to a water course we let the decomposing process take place by keeping the effluent in ponds and let bacteria decompose the vegetable matter in the waste water.

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