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small canola edible oil processing unit

Canola or rapeseed is one of the most popular oilseed crops across the world and its oil enjoys great reputation forits nutritional qualities in the human diet and is the most important component of the seed in terms of market value. The meal is also an important source of protein in animal feeding. So why not begin a small canola edible oil processing unit to process canola oil buy yourself? Or you want to start big cale canola oil processing units for commercial purpose, you can just email us!

Small Canola Edible Oil Processing Unit Workshop

small canola edible oil processing unit

In order to produce a high quality raw canola oil for further processing and high quality protein meal as an animal feed, the methods of canola oil processing used to extract the oil from the seed and the method is continually being improved. Processing of the oil after extraction to obtain a large variety of oil products for human consumption also has a long history, and is continually being improved. This brochure gives an overview of these processes and methods as used in the industry.

Canola and Rapeseed

Canola is an oilseed crop that was developed from traditional rapeseed by Canadian plant breeders during the 1970's. It is grown widely across Canada, several European countries, and Australia, and to a lesser extent in the United States. Canola is distinguished from traditional rapeseed by the greatly reduced levels of the fatty acid, erucic acid and anti-nutritional compounds called glucosinolates.

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