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vegetable oil refining plant

KMEC engaged in designing, installing and exporting of a variety range of vegetable oil processing plants since 1990. We offer state of the art technique of vegetable oil refining. Our vegetable oil refining plant is designed highly efficient and we also support customized services according to the specific requirements of our clients.

Vegetable Oil Refining Plant

Crude oil is typically shipped for refining to establishments engaged  in the production of edible vegetable oils, shortening, and margarine. Crude vegetable oils contain small amounts of naturally occurring materials  such as proteinaceous material, free fatty acids, and phosphatides. Phosphatides are removed for lecithin recovery or to prepare the crude oil for export. The most common vegetable oil refining methodl is by reacting it with an alkali solution which neutralizes the free fatty acids and reacts with the phosphatides. These reacted products and the proteinaceous materials  are then removed  by centrifuge. The oil is washed with water to remove residual soap, caused by saponification of small amounts of the triglycerides (oil).  Color-producing substances  within an oil(i. e., carotenoids, chlorophyll) are removed  by a bleaching  process,  which employs  the use of adsorbents  such as acid-activated clays.  Volatile components are removed  by deodorization, which uses steam injection  under a high vacuum and temperature.  The refined oil is then filtered and stored until used or transported.

Merits of  Vegetable Oil Refining

  • Improve Vegetable and Edible Oil Quality
  • Reduce Bleaching Clay Usage
  • Conserve Nickel Catalyst
  • Continuous Process Control
  • Eliminate Human Interpretation Errors
  • Exact Dosage of Used Supplements
  • Timely Intervention at Process Changes
  • Reduced Product Loss
  • Higher Product Yields

We are always committed to provide the professional and advanced vegatble oil refining that are suitable for all kinds of oilseeds and for refining all kind of vegetable oils. Don't hesitate to contact us in the following form to learn more about our vegetable oil refining plant!

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