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wheat germ oil extraction

Wheat Germ Oil Extraction

Wheat germ oil extraction usually means making oil from wheat kernels by certain oil extraction machinery. IWheat germ oil is extracted from the germ of the wheat kernel, which makes up only 2½% by weight of the kernel Wheat germ oil is particularly high in octacosanol - a 28 carbon long-chain saturated primary alcohol found in a number of different vegetable waxes. Octacosanol has been studied as an exercise and physical performance enhancing agent. Very long chain fatty alcohols obtained from plant waxes and beeswax have been reported to lower plasma cholesterol in humans.Wheat germ oil is also very high in Vitamin E and has the highest content of Vitamin E of any food that has not undergone.

Wheat Germ Oil Extraction Steps

Oil extraction press is one of the most important wheat germ oil extraction equipments. There are several steps you should pay attention when you are going to make wheat germ oils.

  • Clean your oil extraction machinery to make sure there is no dirt or grime. Bacteria can contaminate and ruin the new batch of wheat germ oil.
  • Think carefully about how much oil you want to make. Wheat germ oil accounts for only 2 percent of the kernels. Load the wheat kernels into the top of the press and put your collection bottle under the nozzle.
  • Run the press. Wait until the kernels have been properly pressed and feel dry to the touch. Clean the press thoroughly.

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