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Neem Oil Extraction Process

Industrial scale neem oil extraction process make use of solvents such as alcohol, ether, and hydrocarbons instead of water. There are different methods of neem oil extraction. The choice of method and solvent will depend on the nature of chemical compound to be extracted.

Neem seed oil (NSO) is composed of a complex mixture of biologically active compounds. When the natural neem oil is removed from the seeds and treated with alcohol, virtually all of the azadirachtin and related substances separate from the oil itself. The remaining oil - without the azadirachtin - is called Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem Oil. Commercial products containing this extract, such as Trilogy®, Triact®, Rose Defense®, and Greenlight® Fruit, Nut & Vegetable Spray do not contain measurable amounts of azadirachtin and contain an emulsifying agent, so are not pure neem oil and may not be suitable for use on certified organic crops. Instead, use expeller expressed, cold pressed or virgin neem oil, sometimes called raw neem or crude neem oil.

The method of neem oil extraction process is likely to affect the composition of the oil, since the methods used, such as pressing (expelling) or solvent extraction are unlikely to remove exactly the same mix of components in the same proportions. The neem oil yield that can be obtained from neem seed kernels also varies widely in literature from 25% to 45%.

Neem Oil Extraction Process

Detailed Neem Oil Extraction Process

Neem seeds undergo different extraction method in different capicity of neem oil extraction plant. Depending on their use and the active principle or chemical compound required, they are as follows:

  • Steam Distillation
  • Aqueous Extraction
  • Organic Solvent Extraction

In the first step of neem oil extraction process, the fruits are collected in a drum, and the kernels are separated to obtain the seeds. Later the seeds are woven dried and then feed into the oil extracting machine in case of mechanical pressing method. The neem oil is obtained by pressing it mechanically and collected in a drum. Thus filtration is done to remove the various unwanted particles left in the extracted oil in order to obtain pure neem oil.

In case of steam pressure extraction method, the neem seeds after the drying process are feed into the steam boiler. This process makes the extraction process easier. The seeds get swollen by steaming thus the oil in squeezing becomes easy. The process of steaming is accompanied by increasing of pressure in the boiler which drives the oil out from the seed without any pressing. In some industries, the left seed's kernels after the steam boiling is pressed to further extraction of oil up to 98% leaving just the outer layer of the seeds. The same filtering process is followed as done in the mechanical pressing method.

In solvent extraction method, solvents like petrol or white gasoline is mixed with the seeds after woven drying. The solvents help in extracting the neem oil out of the kernel up to certain percent. Added to that the neem seeds are pressed if needed. The resulting oil is stored in a silo where the pure neem oil is recovered from the crude one. Other than these above mentioned methods, a latest neem oil extraction process method called cold pressing is being adopted in many neem oil manufacturing industries. In the method of cold pressing, it is seen that the purest form of neem oil is obtained along with the presence of active compounds. The oil extracted using cold press method seems to be lighter in color as well as odor when compared with other methods.

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